NIOC Data Bank Upgrading for Reservoir Studies Projects

Nowadays, achieving the final objectives in hydrocarbon reservoir development requires proper and correct reservoir management prior to smart and timely operations. In this regard, close communication among different expert groups as well as prompt and rapid reciprocal data exchange with them can guarantee proper processing and interpretation for optimal managerial decision making. To this end, creation of a data bank was considered by NIOC and, in June 2006, the corresponding process of the project, as an upstream consultancy project, was entrusted with PPZ Co. The project included studying, revising and upgrading the existing NIOC data bank in order to assist the Iranian National Oil Company’s specialists in using the bank as a reliable reference in their full field reservoir studies. PPZ Co.’s team of experts including geologists, geophysycists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, production engineers, process engineers, reservoir simulation engineers, economists and IT specialists worked together to optimize and improve the above-mentioned data bank together with the Client and the Executive Consultant.