Technical Services for Upstream Activities (2008-2010)

Arvandan Oil and Gas Company (AOGC) as an NIOC subsidiary was established to act as the main operator in the oil and gas production from Azadegan, Yadavaran, Darquain, Jufeyr, Moshtagh, Khorramshahr, Arvand, Susangerd, Band-e Karkheh, Omid and other fields located west of the Karoon River. All the above-mentioned fields are newly explored and their development is being pursued by corresponding sections in NIOC.

As AOGC intended to use engineering consultancy services in upstream activities from an authentic and well-known an engineering and service company, PPZ Co. was selected to provide exemplary services in disciplines such as geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering and modeling, petrophysics, drilling, well completion, production engineering, etc.

The main objectives fulfilled by PPZ Co.’s highly experienced and efficient team were:

·         Engineering consultancy services in AOGC current project

·         Engineering consultancy services for reservoir full field study and updating

·         Supervision services for all AOGC upstream activities

·         Reservoir management consultancy services

·         Training and technology transfer

·         Procurement, training, and support of AOGC required software programs

This project of 24 months started in September 2008 and was completed on schedule.