Technical Services for Upstream Activities (2010-2013)

Arvandan Oil and Gas Company (AOGC) as a newly established subsidiary of NIOC and acting as the main operator in the oil and gas production from Azadegan, Yadavaran, Darquain, Jufeyr, Moshtagh, Khorramshahr, Arvand, Susangerd, Band-e Karkheh, Omid and other fields located west of the Karoon River signed a new contract with PPZ Co. to extend the bilateral cooperation between the two companies for two more years. The main objectives followed in this new project were as those in the previous contract:

·         Engineering consultancy services in AOGC current project

·         Engineering consultancy services for reservoir full field study and updating

·         Supervision services for all AOGC upstream activities

·         Reservoir management consultancy services

·         Training and technology transfer

·         Procurement, training, and support of AOGC required software programs


This new 36 month contract started in September 2010 and was completed on schedule.