Full Field Study for MDP/EPD Preparation in Dorood Field

Dorood Field is located in the on the Persian Gulf, Offshore Iran. This field is located in the northern part of the Persian Gulf, northwest of Bushehr and on Yamama Reservoir. It is an offshore field partly beneath Kharg Island nearby Foroozan, Soroosh and Aboozar fields and is the southernmost sector outside the Iranian three-mile limit.
In November 2014, PPZ CO. was entrusted, on the Part of IOOC, with an 18-month-long project for full field study and MDP/EPD preparation of Dorood Field. This project was to aid IOOC in its future planning for the Yamama, Manifa and Asmari further development as well as new development plans for other reservoirs such as Shanul, Khami. Ratawi, Surmeh, etc. The main objectives of this project are as follows:
·         Reinterpretation of the geophysical data and property map
·         Revision and conduction of geological and petrophysical studies
·         Construction of static and dynamic reservoir models
·         Clarification of geological and engineering issues in the Asmari and the Fahlian formations
·         Geological and reservoir engineering study for evaluation of development potentials in other potential reservoirs such as Shuaiba, Gadvan, Khalij, Khami/Ratawi and Arab.