Tabnak Full Field Reservoir Study

Tabnak Gas Field is located beneath a surface anticline (mountain) which is the easternmost culmination of Assaluyeh Anticline in south of Iran. Surface whereabouts of the field are south of Varavi town, parallel to the Persian Gulf coastline, and 50 Km to Assaluyeh Port. To further develop this field, Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) entrusted PPZ Co. with a project to prepare a Master Development Plan (MDP) within 12 months. The main reservoirs in this 42 x5 Km2 field are Dehram Group including Kangan, Upper Dalan and Lower Dalan which are mainly made of carbonate rocks. The main objectives in this project were as follows:

·         Data gathering for geology, petrophysics and drilling to form a data bank

·         Basic reservoir engineering involved overall observation and analysis of various reservoir sections such as modeling, history match and forecast scenarios

·         Well work over and completion, processing and production engineering

·         Surface facilities including observation of the existing facilities

·         Economic studies

·         Project completion, presenting  seminars and reporting

This project started in April 2008 and was completed on schedule.