Technical Engineering Consultancy Services and Site Supervision for North Yaran Oil Field Development Project

Yaran Oil Field is a structure 48 Km in length and 2.5 Km wide. It is located southwest of Iran within Khoozestan Province and 90 Km west of Ahwaz. Yaran extends along the Iran-Iraq border and is a shared field with Iraq. This field is referred to as Majnoon in Iraq and is divided into North and South. Since March 2014, PPZ Co. has entered into a 25-month-long contract with Persia Oil and Gas Industry Development Company (POGIDC) to carry out the upstream engineering consultancy and supervision of North Yaran Field. PPZ Co. is providing full drilling and geological services of four active drilling rigs.




The main activity domains in this project are as follows:
•    Production engineering
•    Petrophysical engineering
•    Reservoir Engineering
•    Updating reservoir studies
•    Reviewing existing MDP
In order to provide optimal technical and engineering services for POGIDC, PPZ Co. furnished an office building with about 300 square meters of work space for this project and in a short time the project team of over 50 experts in various disciplines were assigned to this project.