Drilling Management for Shanul, Homa and Varavi Oil Fields

The three structures of Shanul, Homa and Varavi are located Fars Province toward the south of Iran and close to the Persian Gulf.

The objective of this project was to manage and supervise simultaneously the drilling and geological operation of 6 land rigs in Shanul, Homa and Varavi field involving all engineering activities for Iranian Central Oil Field Company (ICOFC). Development plan for these fields included 4 workover and 25 development wells. A drilling management team consisting of 32 specialists (mainly geologists and drilling engineers) was assigned to fulfill the project from July 2004, for 24 months, until July 2006.

During this period, 8 wells (6 Dev+2 w/o) in Shanul Field, 14 wells (13Dev+1 w/o) in Homa Field and 7 wells in (6Dev+ 1w/o) in Varavi Field were completed.

 The above-mentioned fields are expected to produce 41 million cubic meters of gas per day.

Exemplary Efficiency the PPZ Co.’s team showed during the project was one of the main reasons this company was selected as one of the superior petroleum consulting companies by NIOC at the 10th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition in Iran (14-17th of April, 2005).

Before the completion of the contract period and in continuation of drilling activities in the operating areas, another tender for management and supervision of six (6) onshore drilling and workover rigs was carried out by ICOFC where once again PPZ CO. was the winner of the tender. The contract period was for one year and extendable for one more year through mutual agreement.

By May 2006, the workover process of 4 wells and drilling of 24 wells was completed and the whole project the schedule completely.