Full Field Reservoir Stimulation and Preparation of Master Development Plan for Hendijan Field

Hendijan Oil Field is located in the Persian Gulf near Bahregansar Field. This field, which has been producing since 1970 from the Nahr-Umr Formation, is supervised by Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), a subsidiary of NIOC. Other formations such as Ghar, Sarvak and Asmari were subsequently added to the production stream In spite of average rate of approximately 25% of the initial oil in place until 2003, no full field simulation study of this field had ever been carried out. The general objectives of this project were as follows:

·         Review of available interpretation of geophysical data

·         Full geological studies and preparation of a 3D geological field model

·         Complete reservoir characterization

·         Construction modeling and history matching

·         Production forecast

·         MDP preparation

The duration of this project, which started on the 20th of January, 2005 was for 12 months and it was completed on schedule.