Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Consultancy Services for IOOC

In April 2012, Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) a 4 year contract called Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Consultancy Services with PPZ Co. to use the technical capabilities and skills of this company in the following disciplines:



•    Reservoir engineering studies and operations
•    Petrophysical studies and operations
•    Geophysical studies
•    Geological studies
•    Process engineering and process optimization studies
•    Production engineering operations and studies
•    Planning and management services for project control and implementation
•    Management of Database systems
•    Scope of work and tenders’ technical preparation
•    Training courses
In order to provide optimal technical and engineering services for IOOC, PPZ Co. furnished an office building with approximately 1200 square meters of work space near the main IOOC building and in a short time the project team of over 40 experts in various disciplines were assigned to the project. The project is in progress as of today.